Technology Kiosk Showcase 2024

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ACS Real-Time Data Infrastructure (RTDI) 

Ken Butler and Julie DiBene, Advantest 


Advantest Talks Semi 

Keith Schaub and Nadine Schill, Advantest 


M4171 Handler Delivers Efficiency, Cost and Time-to-Market Advantages 

Yoshinori Ueno and Yoshiki Baba, Advantest 


Probing Challenges on High-Power Discrete SiCs 

Adriano Mancosu, CREA - Advantest Group 


System-Level Test Using a Closed-Loop, Fan-Cooled Thermal System 

Jess Gillespie and Houman Rokni, Advantest 


Advanced Parallel Micro/Mini LED Testing Solutions 

Pedersen Karl and Koji Miyauchi, Advantest 


Driving the Future: Cutting-Edge MIPI A-PHY Testing Solutions for Autonomous Vehicles  

Koji Miyauchi and Hiroyasu Kondo, Advantest 


Automated Optical Inspection: Socket Vision and Fast-Track AI/ML Model Development 

Vijayakumar Thangamariappan, Advantest 

Atsushi Konno, Advantest


Passive Optical Alignment Wafer Test for Silicon Photonics Applications 

Hubert Werkmann, Advantest 


Pin Scale Multilevel Serial – Next-Generation High-Speed ATE Instrument 

Andreas Harder, Advantest 


New EXA Scale high-density high-current power supply for testing of HPC/Mobile/AI devices 

Stefan Walther, Advantest 


SmartBurst: Combining Performance, Debuggability and Observability 

Sebastian Wagner, Advantest 


Next-Generation Controller Platform to Optimize Test Efficiency and Productivity  

Puneetha Rajashekar, Advantest 


Spectrum Mask Measurement Using Advantest V93000 

Max Seminario, Advantest 


Synopsys Path Margin Monitor for Silicon Lifecycle Management 

Mohsin Ali, Advantest 


Latest SmarTest 8 Setup/Debug Tools and Future AR capabilities 

Rowena Xu, Advantest 


Addressing High Probe-Needle Count in High-Volume Manufacturing 

Michael Ott, Steffen Baier, Advantest 


ATE Interface and Interconnect Solutions  

Bassam Asfoor, R&D Altanova, Advantest Group