Technical Program 2024


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Artificial Intelligence 

  • Zeroing in on Quality – A Deep Learning Ensembled Approach to Ensure Socket Manufacturing Line Quality
  • A Comprehensive System for Machine Learning and End-to-End ModelOps at the Edge
  • Using RITdb and ACS Real-Time Data Infrastructure to Enable Analytics
  • Improving Efficiency and Robustness of Gaussian Process Based Outlier Detection via Ensemble Learning
  • Smart Classification through Artificial Intelligence for Time Domain Reflectometry


5G/Millimeter Wave  

  • Best Test Practices with V93000 for 5G RRU Transceiver with Ultra-Low NF
  • Merging Two Tester Platforms: Integrating ROOS mmWave System with the V93000 for mmWave Testing
  • Practical OTA Test Challenges for 5G NR mmWave AiP on V93000 WSMM
  • A Practice for Testing a Wi-Fi 7 Transceiver with 320MHz Bandwidth
  • 5G mmWave Port-to-Port Phase Difference Measurement and Compensation Correlated to VNA Using WaveScale Millimeter
  • mmWave testing on WSMM: Tips and Tricks
  • An Extreme Low Phase Noise On-board Measurement Solution for PLL Devices Up to 19.6GHz
  • Digital Pre-Distortion for RF Power Amplifiers on V93000
  • Demodulation of WiFi Signals without a Header
  • Test Time Optimization for Wi-Fi Product Validation Using New V93000 EXA Scale SoC Test System
  • A Real Case to Reduce COT and Improve TTV for 5G Transceiver Application
  • Comparing Different EVM Measurement Methods and Their Value for Different Wi-Fi Applications
  • Overcoming MIPI Interface Challenges in Radar Applications on ATE Test Platforms


High Performance Digital 

  • Evaluation of a MEMS Switch to Support PCIe Gen 6 External Loopback Test and PCIe Protocol-Based Scan Test
  • High-Speed Performance Testing Strategy and Solution for AI Wave
  • Mux/Demux On-Board Solution for Scan-Over-HSIO with 10Gbps or Higher
  • HSIO Scan Test Implemented in a Real Case with PS5000 on V93000 EXA Scale
  • An Optimized Test Solution for 128-Core CPU on V93000 EXA Scale Platform
  • Pulse Width Modulation High-Speed Interface Characterization to Production Utilizing V93000 High-Speed Digital Instrumentation with Real-Time Sampling
  • Display Port Test Implementation using Pin Scale Multilevel Serial
  • PAM4 Signaling with Pin Scale Multilevel Serial
  • Test Content-Aware Native Power Profiling Accelerates Product Bring-up and Helps Monitor Test Cell Health in Production
  • High-Performance Signal Generation of MIPI D-PHY via V93000 EXA Scale Platform
  • PS5000 High-Current Evaluation
  • Successful Migration to a new EXA Scale high-density high-current power supply for testing of HPC/Mobile/AI devices


Parametric Test

  • Universal Web-Based Program Generator for Parametric Test
  • API for Offline Algorithm Debug in PT Software
  • Setting Checkpoints and Time Savings in Asynchronous Testing
  • Safe AVI64 Connect/Disconnect with Parametric Test System
  • Analyzing Test-Structure Capacitance and Resistivity for Reliable Capacitance Measurements


Hardware & Software Design Integration

  • High-Current Test Evaluation and Solution for Door Devices
  • Innovative Automated Massive Test Table Setup for Complex AI Chip Testing
  • Protocol Link: a MIPs Empowered Hardware Protocol Solution on V93000 EXA Scale
  • Generic V93000 Correlation Tool Accelerates EXA Scale Migration
  • Generating V93000 Test Programs from Advanced Spreadsheet-Based Tabular EDA Data and Patterns
  • An Accelerating ADAS ATE Development Solution in EXA Scale EX
  • Novel Solution for Wi-Fi 7 RF and HSIO Path Loss Measurement Efficiency up to Pogo Pins Level
  • SOCtml Component Library
  • Using a RESTful Web Service to Control the V93000: Integration of an ATE into an Engineering Environment to Improve TTM
  • Exalib: A Flexible Test Program Library for EXA Scale and SmarTest 8


Test Methodologies

  • Highly Multisite Front-End Test Solution Design and Implementation for Automotive Testing
  • A Generic Solution to Handle System in Package Fuse Test in Multiple Flows
  • Boost Test Program Development Performance through Burst and Concurrency on SmarTest 8
  • Test Program Migration from SmarTest 7 to SmarTest 8
  • Asynchronous Clock Communication Test Based on Digital Audio Interface
  • Automated High-Speed Digital and High-Performance RF Testing in Volume Manufacturing Using a Modified Flying Probe Tester
  • Best Practice of TTR and TTM Improvement on a 5G Transceiver with High-Speed DigRF Interface
  • SOC-RF 16 Site Solution on V93000 EXA Platform with DUO Interface
  • Innovative Methodology to Overcome Challenges in Generating Waveform Per Site in AVI64
  • Best Practice of SmarTest 8 Library Transition for AI and HPC Applications
  • Best Practice of SmarTest 8 in POD Characterization Test for High-Volume GPU Devices
  • An Effective Access and Test Solution for Stacked-Die Devices on V93000
  • Methodologies in SmarTest 8 to Ease Chiplet Testing
  • Trim Down Your Trim Test Development: A Trimming Framework for SmarTest 8
  • Algorithmic Test Time Reduction on SmarTest 8
  • Capturing Wi-Fi 7 LO Frequency Transition Time with WaveScale RF8
  • Low-Cost HVM Solution for High-Pin-Count Source-Driver IC on T6391
  • Die-Level Test (DLT): A New Production Solution for Final Test at the Die Level
  • A Highly Efficient Test Method for Running Tessent SSN Test and On-Chip Compare in One Test Suite on the V93000 Platform
  • Test Time Optimization Techniques for ADC Performance Measurements
  • Introduction of Real Customer Analog Application Cases on WaveScale MX on SmarTest 7.10
  • Enabling Virtual Scope capability on the V93000
  • Development of SmarTest 8 SSN Single Test Method Handling On-chip and On-Tester Compare Addressing Production and Characterization Use Cases
  • Introducing a New Cost-Effective Methodology to Measure Low-pF Capacitance for Massive Multisite Applications
  • Improving EVM Results of Wi-Fi 7 Signals Using Coherent Reconstruction
  • IC Visibility in ATE Testing Using proteanTecs Deep Data Analytics and SmarTest 8
  • SmarTest 8 Memory Demystified
  • SmartTest 8 Uninterrupted Clock Solutions to Achieve Stable and Cost-Efficient Testing
  • A Fast Continuity Test Method for High-Speed Loopback Pins with Capacitance
  • Practical Implementation for Scan-over-HSIO with Suppress Hold on SmarTest 8
  • Testing a BMS Device by use of a Dual Cell Meter
  • Native IJTAG Implementation on V93000 for Debug of Complex SOC Designs
  • On-ATE Failing Flop Identification with SmartShell



  • Simplify the Test Engineer’s Life with Custom Innovative Tools
  • T2000 MMXH/MMXHE TMU Wavescope Library
  • MIPI D-PHY Signal Generating Solution for Display Driver Testing
  • Development of a Loadboard Module for a CAN-FD Functional Protocol Test on Advantest T2000 IPSE
  • MMAF Module Picoampere Current Measurement: Device Evaluation on T2000 IPS and IPSE
  • T2000 DUT Register Control Library Framework and Debugging Tools
  • Achievements of Integrated MCU + Wi-Fi Chip Development Using T2000 RF RDK
  • Introduction of Test Debug and Correlation Environment in RDK-Based Test Program
  • T2000 Efficient Test Time Reduction on Automotive Devices Including Dynamic Pattern Modification


Hot Topics  

  • A Smart, Low-Cost Solution fur Successful High-Volume Manufacturing on EXA Scale & SmarTest 8 Using PS5000 Universal Pins
  • Break Through the Test Challenges for the Latest Beidou Navigation and Satellite Communication Chips
  • 45 GHz High-Speed AD/DA Device Test Solution on V93000 EXA Scale Platform
  • Rapid PMIC Test Program Development on SmarTest 8 TME Framework
  • Introduction to Highly Efficient, High-Performance, Wide-Coverage V93000 PAC Test Solutions for Audio Power Amplifier Devices
  • Test Challenges and Low-Cost Test Solutions on the V93000 for a WLCSP Mobile PMIC with Multi-Phase DCDC converters
  • Best Practice for AVI64 Replacing WaveScale MX in Audio Applications on SmarTest 8
  • Transpiler – A New approach to Automatically Convert C++ Code and Libraries to Java