Call for Papers

The VOICE 2018 Call for Papers is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an abstract.

Important Changes to VOICE Call for Papers Process

For VOICE 2018, the abstract and paper acceptance process will be different with the objective of continuing to improve the quality of the final papers presented at the conference.

Below is an overview of the process. Steps that have changed are in blue:

  1. Sept. 18 -- Call for Papers opens
  2. Author submits abstract. Acknowledgement of abstract submission email goes out. Abstract minimum length is 250 words. An example abstract outline is can be accessed below. Note that all required fields are required to be completed correctly for the author to be able to successfully submit an abstract.
  3. Nov. 17 -- Deadline for abstracts occurs.
  4. Abstracts are graded and selected. Status emails for abstract accept/decline go out on Dec. 15.  Abstract status will be accept or decline only. The decision of whether or not the paper is presented or is a backup paper will now occur at step 8 after the final draft is submitted.
  5. Jan. 19 -- First paper draft submitted
  6. Review and feedback provided.
  7. March 5 -- Final paper draft submitted. Minimum length of 20 slides (without title and section dividers) required.
  8. Based on the final drafts, papers will be selected for presentation or for backup papers.
  9. As in the past, backup papers are an important part of the VOICE process and often get moved into presented paper slots, if papers slotted to present drop out. This usually happens about 50%-80% of the time but is not guaranteed. In any case, backup papers will be included in the proceedings and Advantest authors will still receive a VIP award.
  10. Because of the change in step 8, the process is launching about 1 month earlier to allow time to submit visas and plan travel.

IMPORTANT VOICE 2018 DATES                                  

September 18, 2017    Call for Papers opens

November 17, 2017    Completed abstracts due

December 15, 2017    Acceptance notifications distributed

January 19, 2018    First draft of presentations due

March 5, 2018    Final draft of presentation due

Flow Chart of VOICE Call for Papers Process

VOICE Abstract Example

VOICE 2018 Tracks

Advantest’s VOICE 2018 call for papers focuses on six technology tracks:

  • Device/System Level Test -- specific devices and system level test; MIMO; mmWave; next-generation embedded processors; broadband fiber to the home; autonomous vehicles IC test; multi-chip system-in-package
  • Internet of Things (IoT) -- IoT enabling technologies; mobility, 5G, wireless, RF, wearables; smart cities/homes; sensors; tactile internet
  • Test Methodologies -- supporting standards and protocols; solutions for the latest testing challenges
  • Hardware & Software Design Integration -- utilizing the latest hardware or software features; test cells; new test system enhancements  
  • Optimizing Productivity – cost of test; throughput; time-to-market; semiconductor “supercycle” 
  • Hot Topics -- new market drivers and future trends; artificial intelligence; smart data innovation; secure ID and cyber security; secure cloud; video streaming/telepresence