Kiosk 01 - V93000 5G Solution

To deliver faster data speeds and more reliable service, 5G wireless networks will need to use millimeter-wave frequency ranges and different technologies such as antenna patching and beamforming. This kiosk provides an overview of upcoming 5G technologies, improvements over LTE/4G and related testing challenges for different flavors of 5G devices. The V93000 meets these challenges from device characterization to high-volume production.

Oscar Solano Jimenez, Advantest

Kiosk 02 - V93000 Wave Scale Millimeter Solution

To address the new challenges of the millimeter-wave market, Advantest has developed the V93000 Wave Scale Millimeter (WSMM) to cover frequency bands of 5G and WiGig. As a test-head extension, it can be seamlessly integrated into production environments. This kiosk features a brief overview of WSMM’s structure, components, options and production integration.

Aether Lee, Advantest

Kiosk 03 - T2000IPSE (Enhanced Integrated Power Device Test Solution) for Automotive Device Testing

In response to changing test requirements due to evolving market demands, Advantest introduced the next generation tester to the T2000 IPS called the T2000 IPSE. This system provides better VI coverage and improved accuracy with higher pin-count. In addition, programming of test applications for IPS/IPSE had become easier with the introduction of the new Rapid Development Kit (RDK) coding style which is expected to decrease development time. To complete the T2000 Platform family, we have also introduced the T2000AiR Tester which can be used for Engineering or Small Plot testing, then immediately ported over to volume testing.

Victor Wong, Advantest

Kiosk 04 -CloudTesting Station for Engineering & Skill Development

The portable CloudTesting Station (CTS) has a small form factor and is targeted for testing specific types of IP such as logic, memory or analog under engineering stage. Instead of renting or buying and maintaining capital equipment, this innovative product allows a user to sign up and download a variety of testing IP from the cloud for needs like DFT pattern validation, failure analysis and skill development for IC test engineer. See a live demonstration.

Akira Hamajima, Advantest

Kiosk 05 - SmartCI: V93000 SmarTest 8 Continuous Test Program Integration and Delivery

Advantest is introducing SmartCI, the first continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) product for the V93000 SmarTest 8 test program. This solution is easy to set up and allows users to trace the health of test programs during development, thereby improving time to market and time to quality. This kiosk explains details of the SmartCI tool, including Jenkins set up and APIs running in docker images.

Ho Kok Gho, Advantest

Kiosk 06 - SmarTest 8 IP Protection

Protecting a test program’s IP is essential when sharing the test program with third parties during production or development. This kiosk features a demonstration of how to secure your test program’s setup and datalog with SmarTest 8.

Chee Kin Chan, Advantest

Kiosk 07 - In-die TDR analysis by TS9000 TDR

This kiosk demonstrates in-die failure analysis by TS9000 TDR product. TS9000 TDR is a high-resolution TDR system with electro-optical sampling technique. Compared to the conversional TDR systems, it has largely improved signal accuracy and measurement efficiency in the chip failure inspections. The fundamental circuit network modeling techniques will be shown to accurately localize the failure point in the interconnection network based on the TS9000 TDR waveform for the characterization of various defects in 3D chips. In addition, a recursive modeling technique is proposed to enable the in-die TDR analysis.

Shang Yang, Advantest

Kiosk 08 - Tessent SiliconInsight on the V93000

Tight integration between the EDA (design) environment and the ATE (test) world can significantly improve the initial device/pattern bring-up experience and reduce time to market. This kiosk demonstrates how to connect Mentor Graphics’ Tessent SiliconInsight software to the V93000 through SmartShell, a software extension to SmarTest, which allows EDA software and other tools to connect to the tester for set-up download, test execution and result retrieval.

Jinlei Liu, Advantest

Kiosk 09 - Advantest’s High-Performance Handler and Thermal Solution

A diverse range of handlers has been developed to meet various needs, including high-performance handlers for high-end devices and high-throughput, low-cost handlers for price-sensitive devices. Now Advantest offers a single-site handler and new thermal-control unit for use in engineering labs. By using the same thermal-control technology, the handler and thermal-control unit allow smooth transit and data correlation from the lab to the factory, helping to reduce time to market.

Eric Roquel, Advantest

Kiosk 10 - Advantest Load Board Design Technology

This kiosk features to show Advantest Core Technologies:
1. Design Verification / Simulation Capability
2. Capable of Complex Design
3. Manufacturing Technology
Precise pre & post signal simulation are critical for developing a quality load board as well as improving the cost reduction and shortening the overall turnaround time of load board development.

Jomel Cristobal, Advantest

Kiosk 11 - SmarTest 8 Online Training Center

This kiosk introduces the SmarTest 8 Online Training Center featuring online courses, interaction with Advantest experts, peer-to-peer discussions and offline software access through the cloud-based SmarTest Playground.

Simondavide Tritto, Advantest