Call for Papers Process

How to Participate in the VOICE 2023 Call for Papers

Note: The numbers below match the box numbers in the VOICE paper process flow chart which can be downloaded in the author resources section.

  1. Oct. 5 — Call for Papers Opens.
  2. Author submits abstract(s) that meet the following criteria by deadline Nov. 8:
    • 250 words minimum length.
    • Original topic (not previously submitted to a VOICE Developer Conference).

An example abstract outline is available on this page for reference. Please note that all required fields must be completed correctly for the author to be able to successfully submit an abstract. Please include all co-author information.        

  1. After submission, the author will receive a submission acknowledgment email.
  2. If the author needs to make an edit, this can be done using the information from step 3.
  3. Finalize Technical Committee members.
  4. Training offered to new or returning authors on how to write a quality paper.
  5. Nov. 8 — Deadline for Abstract Submission. Call for Papers Portal will close. There is no deadline extension.
  6. Nov. 9 — Technical Committee members assign abstracts to review.

The team is made up of Advantest (50%) and customer peers (50%).                                   

  1. Scoring is due by the Technical Committee for all abstracts. In a continuing effort to improve paper quality, the abstracts and papers will be judged on the following categories:
    • Expertise
    • Relevancy
    • Problem Solving
    • Innovation
    • Quality

NOTE: You must be a user of an Advantest platform to have a paper accepted at VOICE.

  1. Final decisions on the abstracts completed by the Steering Committee.
  2. Legal export control review of abstracts.
  3. Dec. 30 — Acceptance/Decline Emails Sent Out.

Abstract status will be “accepted” or “declined” only. The decision of whether a paper is presented, or a backup, will occur at step 16, after the final draft is submitted.

  1. If your abstract is accepted, move on to the first draft step. If not, no further work needed.
  2. Jan. 31 — First Paper Draft Due.
  3. Advantest legal starts the paper EAR classification process.
  4. First draft papers reviewed and feedback provided to authors.
  5. Mar. 7 — Final Paper Draft Due
    • Minimum length of 20 slides (without title and section dividers) is required
  6. Based on the final drafts, papers are selected to be presented or as backups by the Steering Committee.
  7. Final acceptance/decline emails for the papers presented will go out in March.
  8. If your paper is accepted and you are a presenter, finalize your travel plans to attend.
  9. VOICE 2023 will be held in Santa Clara, California on May 9-10. Workshop Day date to be determined.
  10. If your paper is a backup, no further work needed. Backup papers are an important part of the VOICE process and often get moved into presentation slots if papers slotted to present drop out.

"Greatly exceeded my expectations. Great conference!"

“A useful event combining technical test information and customer networking.”

“Great selection of papers, technical speakers, and relevant topics.”

“I strongly hope that VOICE continues to be held every year.”

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