Best Paper Awards

Audience members at the VOICE events in both the U.S. and Taiwan will vote for the best papers, with winning presenters receiving prizes.

Best Paper Award: 
One overall best paper in the U.S. and one in Taiwan
Honorable Mention Awards: 
Three runner-up papers in the U.S. and one runner-up paper in Taiwan
Presentations are graded on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being best)
Please Note:
Each presentation will have its own ballot and voting must take place at the end of each session.
Selection Criteria:
The Best Paper Award is awarded based on a combination of voting score and attendance.

2017 Best Paper Award Winners

Best Paper Award:
Instrument Synchronization in SmarTest 8: RF to MX to DC to Digital

Edwin Lowery – Advantest
Shiyang Deng – Advantest
Aether Lee – Advantest

Honorable Mention Awards:
Test Solutions on T2000 IPS for a HSIF with LVDS Transmitter-Receiver in an Automotive Product

Marc De Cooman – ON Semiconductor

Contact Resistance Importance and Measurement Techniques

Dave Armstrong – Advantest
Brent Bullock – Advantest

IoT and the V93000: Superior Cost of Test Through Advanced System Architecture and Test Methodology

Jonvyn Wongso – Microchip

Best Paper Award:
Testing Automotive Airbag System Devices on the V93000

Zhaoyang Wang – NXP
Lydia Jiang – Advantest
Kai Kang – Advantest
Qiannan Ren – Advantest
Peng Wang – Advantest

Honorable Mention Award:
Inertial Sensor Test on V93000

Sven Lotterer – Bosch

2016 Best Paper Award Winners

Best Paper Award: 
Making a Quad-Site 10-GHz WiGig RF Module UDI Characterization/Production Worthy

Dave Johansen – Intel, Kathy Wu – Advantest, Steve Moore - Advantest

Honorable Mention Awards: 
Do You Need Better Handler Temperature Control?

Steve McKinley – Qualcomm

Successful Multisite Efficiency Testing on T2000 Automotive Solution

Steven de Leenheer – ON Semi, Weiqiang Yang – Advantest

Optimizing Vector Memory with VMUT, OMMA and Pooling

Adam Kohler – AMD, Steve Elenniss – Advantest, Paul Brockway - Advantest

Best Paper Award:
Rapid Test Program Development by STDL to Convert EDA Data to the V93000

Zack Huang - KYEC Kevin Fan – Advantest

Honorable Mention Award:
Using the SmartRDI to Achieve Easy Set-Up and Un-Burst of the Sequencer or Remove Items

Chia-Ching Huang – Advantest

Best Paper Awards 2017